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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My video message

In case you missed the news this morning or the noon news....I sent over a video message. I didn't really get to say a formal goodbye before I left on maternity leave last week, so I made this quick update. Hopefully baby will be here soon and after a couple of months of being at home, I can get back to work!  :)


  1. You are the Most Beautiful Pregnant expecting mom/Woman I have ever seen You have kept us informed and interested(not forcefed)I for one have enjoyed being included in your Journey(so to speak) we are all waiting with great anticipation Wills-KE6SOP

  2. See you don´t post on your blog, actually. What a shame!
    Regards from Spain.

  3. i think you are great love your smile you always look so happy GOD BLESS


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